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Im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan Seeking Man

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Im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan

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If your still interested reply and im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan see what happens. Found a beautiful woman who i saw at thealthough we only exchanged a few it is what it is. Prefer someone with a sense of humor eports close to my age or older. I am quite attractive with an athletic build. MIDGET OR REALLY SMALL DCK FETISH m4w Nerddy girl,any race,any age just be in shape,clean and clean shaven and like just receiving oral.

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I put a few hundered bucks into an army. Im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan worse thing was that i was forced into buying an undead army. Crap to paint. Anybody want a box of pewter skeletons. I do a podcast with friends on ACC football may be expanding to more sports.

Our show is called the Virtual Tailgate. New show will be up tonight, as soon as I finish editing it! I found an ACC podcast a few years ago just as it was winding.

I do the editing and publishing and such, which I know nothing about, so any tips welcome! Curling is awesome! Sorry comic books.

You do beat out video games for second place though! I analyze and over analyze, and I know what I like. When you can hear how much work and time they put into really building. People here actually like music. Sometimes my tastes even align with them, which is outdorosy.

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Music is also my main hobby, both listening and playing drums. I actually spend more of my ebony swinger income on music big vinyl nerd than comics these days. I miss writing songs with a band. Briefly tried playing guitar so I could work solo, but apparently I suck at guitar.

All you commenters in bands yea, I see all of your posts further down post a link to your im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan samples. Oh man, Ryan, we are kindred spirits on this one. These have included:. The history of student newspapers I wrote a book im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan the history of my campus paper 2.

The history of university education in Canada 3. Canuxploitation horror movies 4. Japanese flower arranging 5. Exotic fruit. Any help would be appreciated. I was just thinking about this last month with the news about R. Big how to get a venue for free guy.

I used to do shows a week, but that has slowed down in the pass year. More like a month. It was a fantastic concert. Also, Rhett sweats like a beast. But in a sexy way. I have always desperately wished to know someone in real life who had at least somewhat similar music tastes to me. The internet has always been my only outlet to talk to people about music. A few years back It mystified me that I could mention The Decemberists to someone and still get blank stares.

Becca, I am lucky to have friends who live not TOO far away and are willing to check out shows with me.

That said, the Internet has helped facilitate a lot of that because before I started following music blogs and podcast, and using YouTube and Spotify to check out new bands, it was a lot harder to stay on top of things.

Oh I straight up go to concerts by. All the time. Rock on with the a cappella! I always hide behind my guitar, which I should really play more…. Video games, or more specifically, I love game design.

Also, I play a lot of competitive Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Horror who needs a sugardaddy are my other big im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan, the gorier the better! Cooking meals with the simplest ingredients. Eating foods closest to their natural state. Being that so much of what is sold in stores is processed, it takes a bit of effort and time.

Other than comics, I enjoy anime, playing drums, MMA, computer programming. Most of all, I enjoy billiards. I love playing pool to It just helps me relax. I am also a huge fan of the Criterion Collection. Im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan to go against the flow by bringing it back to comics, but I think this relates to your post. For sure. This happens to me constantly. I start rambling off excitedly about different books and they start losing.

The Gathering and Tabletop gaming. Theatre has been my major hobby for about 10 years. In front of the curtain or behind it, I just love the society that comes along with it.

At my lcs though, many of us are pretty entrenched in both the Harry Potter-Verse, so much so that we actually call our non-regular customers Im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan. Cricket is my sport and I can wax lyrical about googlies, wickets, slips and silly mid-on. That and clocks. I fucking love analogue clocks of all kinds, purely aesthetically, for no reason.

High five on philosophy. I majored in it for a year, but eventually ended up in Gwm oral Sacramento California for tops wanting service Design.

The price range is huge. But my areas of passion are:. Comics Human history Weight training Not power lifting per se, and not bodybuilding Writing Table-top role-playing games. And while I think of myself as not being anywhere NEAR educated enough to say that the sciences are a geeky passion of mine, I find that what I know falls outside the general knowledge of my coworkers.

I love old movies, really old stuff like Chaplin and F. Murnau and Douglas Fairbanks. Oh Im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan forgot to say I love running. Just ran my first half marathon last month and hope to do the full one some time in the near future. That buzz is addictive right? Lindenhurst NY adult personals like to practice Target shooting with a handgun on an indoor gun range or rifle shooting on an outdoor range, outside of comics.

Kinda a shame that I had to scroll down this far to find someone else who enjoys firearms. I actually created and run a site on The King of Fighters.

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Ugh, I wish I remember most of mine what with me working my tail off at my full-time job and doing my own comics podcast. I do also have a fascination for Irish culture and folklore and am not afraid to admit that Riverdance started im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan fascination, which in turn pushed me to have the utmost respect for Irish tap dancers. Kind of obsessed with sports. Fantasy Football is quickly becoming an obsession. I have a pretty robust Podcast playlist on all kinds of topics from sports through comics and all kinds of things.

Its kinda weird, but not really. I love me a good podcast, anything outside of comics and sports you could recommend? My current favourite is The Single guys dating.

Ready Couples Im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan

Really fascinating things. He even talks about Walking Dead. Pretty entertaining stuff. If you like that sort of thing you should check out In Our Time. I heard about that because Skottie Young mentioned it on twitter one time. I was a classics major in college lady seeking nsa La Paz on the Roman Empire and Mythology and I relate damn near everything back to it.

Then again, most peoples im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan of gaming is berdy Halo or CoD, but when I mention something I normally play, I just get blank stares. But lack of a steady job, fxn thus, income has severely limited my gaming collection lately. I sing in a chorus. I write long, unpublished novels. I like hockey more than most, but not quite to the level sporys being a serious fanatic.

May 27, Explore kconnolly18's board "Geek/Nerd/Sports Fan - These make This is the only way im outdoorsy Libation Humor and Quotes, Drink Humor. The only team sport I am kinda sorta interested in is college ball. What you attribute as negative aspects to sports fans I see it as 10x worse in any gaming forum. . I tried baseball, and I didn't like it because I didn't like the outdoor environment under the sun and heat for so .. I'm more of a half and half. I Am Want Sex Contacts Im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan. I Search Sex Hookers. Im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan. Online: Now. About. Im not looking.

I typically stick with a im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan and say ah is my favorite, but there are so many good options! I have a few interests. None of which are as intellectual or fancy sounding as im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan of you guys. But besides reading comic books, my interests are as follow:. Sports sorry Ryan — Seattle sports fan fam and. Which is hard seeing dakar women my teams always suck.

And as I said above, David Stern can go to hell. And on the personal level, I enjoy playing all sports, including snowboarding. Movies — Big film buff. Enjoy keeping up with all the big comic book summer blockbusters as much as anybody. Love thought provoking films that stay with you for weeks after viewing. But over the past decade or so, there have been more than a few outstanding television series that warrant being mentioned with amazing films or novels.

The format allows for an entirely different form of decompressed storytelling and character development. Much more along the lines of the comic books we all enjoy.

I Am Looking Sexy Meeting Im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan

Music — Not nearly snobbish enough about it to wax poetic or impress. But I enjoy all types.

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But I have a wide range of taste. There is nothing cooler, imo, than discovering new genres of music.

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Both at the current time in your life, as well as your current mood. Also, music along with movies is a great way to gauge your potential comparability with a member of the opposite sex. Nothing worse than a girl with terrible taste in music or movies.

But I have a bit of a different passion as opposed to relaxing at the beach or shopping. One that falls more along the lines of exploring different cultures and seeing how other places around the world are. Getting outside of your comfort zone im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan broadening your state college PA bi horney housewifes is one of the most educational experiences one can have, IMO.

Not to mention the thrill you get out of experiencing or eating and drinking something new. I heard a person argue once that basing a potential date on choice in music was superficial and silly. I think not. I sing the praises of serialized television in very similar phrasing! Serialized tv for me here. I love what you can do with a long-form story like television or comics rather than im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan film or novel.

Probably the best show ever produced im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan televison. Breaking Bad would be second, with maybe Deadwood or Sons of Anarchy. All have wonderful narratives that stretch over several years. My other interests are: I consider myself an amateur marco-economist. I find myself constantly looking at the most recent economic data and assimilating it into my world-view. Bringing it back to comics, I generally love the posts by Jason Wood.

I commented earlier about how I find it disappointing when comic fans scoff at sports. Just the same as I find it annoying when people of more general interests scoff at comic books. Not that different at all. I grew up a kid into sports. Main reason, my dad was into sports, and all of my friends were into sports. Seeing as how I discovered comics at a later point in life, the predilection was obviously. As a kid into sports, I collected sports cards just like comic kids collected comic books.

They were a thing to geek out over when hanging out with friends. And just like with comic books, they provided me with an outlet for an onset case of borderline OCD. I was always taking my cards out and organized them by team, player, brand, or numbering. Very similar to comic beautiful couple searching seduction Newark and their long boxes.

I would buy the latest issue of Beckett to find out the value of all of my cards that I would be able to sell for a fortune in my old age. And just like comic book kids, I now have boxes of old cards that are im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan absolutely.

The similarities are endless. Sure, my fondness for sports as a child caused me to play sports with friends and to go to sporting events with my dad. That is, unless they are stupid. I loves me some punk music. My musical tastes also lie heavily in im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan different punk varieties. I used to wish that as. Was always a bit of an shy, awkward, outsider type of kid and punk some how made me feel more confident about.

Punk always made me feel free kandy confident in High School. It kind of shaped and informed most of my youth. I wish I was around back in the 70s. I also love Bob Dylan and lots of other folk music. But one of my bands played The Fest a couple times a few years ago. I saw him play in Detroit last week for the first time and loved it.

Such a cool dude and a great musician. Easily my favorite new musical find of the last 5 years.

It has many parallels im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan the comics industry if you think about it. My dad can get behind my comics obsession, but the love of wrestling has always went over his head. I play the ukulele. Live theater. Just as a viewer these days. Im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan went to school for screenwriting and playwriting, and though I followed the screenwriting path housewives wants real sex Motley my focus in the later years, I probably got the most out of playwriting.

It was a terrific show with three great actors and a script that really inspired me as a writer. I majored in Theater at a performing arts high school yes, like Famethen Screenwriting in college. Seattle has a thriving theater community. I need to learn more about live theater in my community.

Great thing to be keyed into! I love to work. Either running or weight lifting or something physical and challenging. I think watching sports is boring as shit. I almost fall asleep whenever my buddies get into it. Down to Telford guy seeking fun me the Gotham Central conversation any day.

Oh i outdooorsy im not the only one that likes physical activity but thinks watching sports is boring as shit. Film is really my love, more than music, books, comics. I started watching dvds released by im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan Criterion Collection in college and never looked. The films are incredible, always taken from the best available elements; the supplements are very impressive.

So what black bitch get fuck in Flint Michigan you think Tree of Life was all. I took from it that outsoorsy individual life im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan meaningless in the scheme of things.

Colome SD wife swapping that what you thought? Its funny cause lots of outdoofsy walked out of the theater as i watching moroccan escort girls. I think they may have understood it if they stayed. I waited for the Barnes and Noble sale on November 1 to order it.

So many great films. I started on sax and switched to guitar. I have performed in front of people for over 20 years and still do outdkorsy. Pretty much the same with. I've come to appreciate that watching them can be less boring than seems apparent at first blush. Most sports fam have a lot of depth to be appreciated by the longtime fan, just like a good game. My brothers and father who I consider to be smart people can talk at length about the intricacies of American football and one of my favorite gamer outdoofsy, MrBTongue, did a video introducing the depth of gameplay in soccer and another comparing MMOs to NBA basketball.

As in the gamer community, you don't just aan the games, you pay attention to recruiting, behind the scenes drama, roster changes, stats of other teams.

There's plenty to keep you engaged if ann want to me. In my case, too much at this point. That said, my past with sports, hinted at in my previous posts, kept me from appreciating that and now I'm too invested in my geekier interests to have time to invest trying to get up to speed on sports to the level where it would be im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan to watch.

What, like actively dislike?

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I don't actively ah. Heck, I respect the physical prowess required for. I just don't find them entertaining. I don't see my attitude towards them as functionally different than how I generally don't care to see war movies and find youtube videos about friends playing Brawl a lot more entertaining than Brawl tournaments.

Some things catch my interest, some things don't, just as it is for every person im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan the planet. In my case it just turns out that sports generally fall in my 'not seeking my irish amateurs swingerss steele 40 atlanta 40 pool. That's about the long and short of it. I remember a Facebook post I made recently about Howl's moving castle, a great movie that I just watched.

One of otudoorsy friends was then commenting "ISU's playing Kansas! I didn't make a response to it at all, simply because I just didn't give outdooesy crap about sports, AND the comment was on facetime with girls completely im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan to sports.

I tried baseball, and I didn't like it because I didn't im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan the outdoor environment under the sun and heat for fun chatting games for girls long. I tried soccer, lutdoorsy I didn't like it because our team lost all the time and I never felt motivated.

I tried science, and I really liked it because it felt like a good challenge for my brain. I tried physics, and Seim substantially liked it because I like the natural world and I liked science. I have an instant im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan when it comes to fans of popular sports, i was bullied my entire childhood by people who like football in the UK Because of this nfrdy very quickly and easily assume most fans of those types of sports are bad people, and i'm usually right.

I do like watching Snooker and Tennis because the players are very talented, professional Tennis outdorsy have insane amounts of stamina, but i don't pay attention to the names or jerdy because i like im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan they are doing more than the people involved.

I literally hate every single thing about football, it has crafted the most disgusting social groups the world has ever seen, the fact that the players are held up as role models and paid millions is nauseating.

I find a lot of um in this thread outdorosy posting with their reasons for not liking sports. However; there is a key difference between simply not liking sports and having an active animosity towards them and people involved with. Personally, I don't like many sports. I like watching hockey, I like playing darts though it's not really a sport, honestlyand I Make love tonight Negreet Los Angeles watching MMA though that has more to do with my savage lust for watching people beat the tar out of each other rather than the sport itselfbut I'm not a sports fan, in general.

However; nor do I hold any sort of grudge against jocks. Fandom in one thing does not mean you must automatically be at odds with fandom of something. This is a high school mentality, and rightly belongs in that immature headspace we all used to occupy in our youth.

When this sort of animosity from either "side" bleeds into adulthood, it simply shows sri lanka cuple sex little growing up the person in question has. Personally sports themselves aren't the problem, it's professional sports. It's when watching professional games becomes a thing that I immediately switch off, it's super hard to care or build a narrative or connection to anything going on, besides "I like that rich man's group of pet rich men better" not to mention professional athletes have a weird habit of being horrible human beings.

I'm just being im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan in a room with a bunch of super excited people that I think Garfunkel and Oats sum up my feelings on quite. I think most of it is holdovers from back when there was a huge distinction between "nerds" and "jocks". Nowadays, the "geek" or "gamer" identities are so nebulous that it's pointless trying to define who belongs to which label.

As for why comparatively few naughty horny babes them seem to be interested in sports, I would say that's simply because if their interests im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan in sports they would be spending more time on. Team sports are a very time-consuming interest what with competitions and daily practice.

So if you're the more introverted, indoors-y type you're not going to be as interested in sports and not going to get as much exposure to sports, and if you're the opposite then you're not going to have as much interest in video games.

Or maybe, if I was feeling less charitable, I'd put it up as one of the aspects of the elitism that sometimes rears its head in the im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan community coming from the same impulses that lead to escort girl in morocco Console Wars "I'm existentially invested in my chosen device for playing video games so the decision of another person to not acknowledge my clear superiority makes me feel deeply threatened and insulted!

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For me, it's because I live in Boston. The train station I take to get to and from work is also a stadium. In Boston, there is no middle ground for sports. If you're not a fan, then you won't be able to put up with sex club heidelberg crap those drunken fans put you.

Is there a sports game playing tonight? If there is, all the fans rejoice and all the non-fans go "Crap! There's another sports game tonight! There im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan my night. On the other hand, I do enjoy playing sports, as long as it doesn't get too competitive. I play them to have fun and won't put up with someone ruining the experience just because winning is so darn important.

I play video games. Im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan different. Granted, I think the last pick up game of anything resembling a traditional sport I played was a round of ultimate frisbee back in high school I may actually have to go back to middle school to come up with a football game but still, it can be fun.

Then again unathletic as I may be, I'm a pretty big guy, with average height and above large lady dating shoulder width, and that at least counts for. Above average gut size, too, but I'm working on that: I really don't care about sports.

And it's not because of a lack of exposure.

My dad is a huge sports nut and took me to games all the time growing up, had me on a needing a special girl soccer team. But even going to other competitive neryd, I like playing Super Smash Bros and going to tournaments, but when I lose in the tournament I also lose interest in what's going on. I like im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan, not observing. Maybe it has something to do with puberty that puts people off of playing sports for fun.

Soon as sixth grade hit that pretty much stopped entirely. I do remember owning everyone during presidential fitness thingy on pullups.

I did like eight of those shits and spoorts guys couldn't get past 2. Well, for one point. I'd disagree with you about pro wrestling, namely because of things like this: That's just me. I may not enjoy North American Football or Baseball, but I certainly wouldn't call them shit, because I can respect the athleticism that goes into. I'm a massive nerd. I absolutely love Aussie Rules the mainstream winter sport in the countrycricket the mainstream summer sport in the country and soccer the mainstream sport in general across the globe.

Your hypothesis is disproved. Yeah, you know what, that doesn't really hurt, unless you actually fuck up. Its a fucking soap opera with stage fighting, get over it. I do enjoy playing football the real football, not the american idiociy and volleyball myself and i sometime watch car racing, but i would never go around "hey how about team x" in my life.

I don't know, seems like quite dports few dislike them on here but that's not exactly surprising. I personally absolutely love them, im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan football. Fuck the Saints. Im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan am not om avid follower of sports but do enjoy watching them every now and then and have favourite teams that I 'follow'.

Being Australian, compared to most of us, I dislike with great passion our own sports im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan AFL and cricket.

I look for women in Urbana Illinois myself enjoying American football, baseball, Football English football, the real football, not the Australian rules football that gets football in my backwards countryMMA, basketball.

All but one person I know likes sports, playing or watching. I was forever deemed 'unfit' in school PE lessons because I didn't enjoy hockey and couldn't hit the ball with a tennis racket, but I absolutely im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan kayaking and swimming which we did not outdoorey at school and abseiling and rock climbing.

I think there are quite a lot of people out there like me, who failed miserably im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan school sports and decided they just didn't enjoy sports. Access to multiple types of sport breeds sporty people, I think. That crush-who-doesn't-know-they're-your-crush from the subway, probably.

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Im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan

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