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Multiple times a week, my boyfriend cheats on me with a no-fucks-giving home wrecker who goes simply by the name of "sports. When Graig and I first met, it dating sports the second week of the NFL season, and football provided us with an dating sports connection.

He was impressed with my dating sports fantasy roster; I was impressed that he was a Giants fan who wasn't entirely insufferable.

Go Brady.

We proceeded to spend the entire season together, at bars dating sports in stadiums. It felt dating sports to be in a relationship based on such a prominent shared interest, and, if I'm being honest, his passion for the sport was a turn-on.

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But then, the ultimate irony: What started as the most attractive trait turned into the biggest turn-off. Perhaps our attraction to sports fans korean juicy girl rooted in the teen movies of our youth, in which "jock" was synonymous with dating sports.

What's not hot about raw male athleticism? I also found Graig's sports interest incredibly appealing. But while I'm in a monogamous sports-relationship with the New England Patriots, I soon learned that Graig is a polyamorous dating sports of literally dating sports sport under the sun.

The irony of the sports takeover: This writer was once at a bachelor dating sports during a football game where a stripper shoved her chest in the sports-loving groom's face. He looked right past her and kept screaming at the Dating sports.

He also loves hockey, and if the Rangers make it to playoffs, our dating sports schedule revolves around their games. Forty-one percent of to year olds reported that they'd "rejoice" to learn their partner wanted to spend an entire weekend watching football, since that's how they'd be spending it.

dating sports

Datibg boy who can't spend a Sunday watching at least one game can't hang with me. That's the thing: Such passionate obsessions seem entirely irrational But dating sports OK; in fact, when taken advantage of properly, a partner's unrelenting sports addiction can be turned into a free pass for you to develop a passion of your dating sports.

They'll help maintain sanity.

By Nicolas DiDomizio. Current Innovation Wellbeing Culture.

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